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Club History

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History of DMCC

By Vince Sheridan - Past President (1981-1983)

In 1963 a small group of friends who were enthusiastic amateur photographers, residing in Don Mills, decided that they should organize and form a club that would further their interest in photography, and allow them to invite like-minded people to join and share their hobby. This group of founding members included Harry Ballinger, who became the club's first president. The club was organized on a non-profit basis, and after several meetings, as the membership grew, it was decided that larger premises were needed for the meetings, and the Don Mills Library was selected as the club's headquarters. In 1971, future presidents Dave Broadhurst and Tom Yates together with June Haylock (now Yates) joined the club, and would leave their mark in later years.

Like all clubs, the Don Mills Camera Club is run by an executive voted in by the membership. One of the more unusual rules is that the position of president can only be occupied by an individual for a maximum of two years. This rule has helped keep the club vibrant, and ensured that no one person can dominate the club in the long term.

The club has always emphasized a good mix of age groups, from students to senior citizens, and through the years has worked energetically to recruit new members by showings of members' work at the the Don Mills Centre, the Canadian National Exhibition, Henry's Exposure shows and through our website and MeetUp. Membership is currently limited to 105, to ensure our meetings and workshops are a comfortable size.

As the years go by the clubs activities have changed, but we believe that most members join to improve their photography in a congenial atmosphere. This is our goal, and the club's reputation for quality attests to its success in meeting that goal.

The Past Presidents are listed on the right. We salute their efforts and those of their executive for donating their time and skills to the club.


Thank you to some of our other Past Presidents, David Barr, Dave Broadhurst and Tom Yates for providing historical information.

The Bronze Box

In 1973 a group of Hamilton Camera Club (HCC) members headed by Bill Moody proposed that the two clubs should have a friendly annual competition. In the fall following a DMCC meeting, 3 HCC members and 3 DMCC members (Dave Broadhurst - President, Tom Yates - Vice President, and June Haylock - Competitions Chairperson) met to set up the competition format. The same number of members of each club would each submit a slide or monochrome print to represent the club's performance as a whole. Judging of the entries would be by a panel of judges who were not members of either club. The trophy for the winning club was a bronzed vintage box camera provided by Mr. Moody. The venue for competition would alternate between club headquarters. The first competition was held in Hamilton in Spring 1974, and the result was a win for Hamilton. Over the years, the number of victories by each club was almost equal, as each club strived to make the evening one to be proud of. The competition included a buffet provided by the host club, and a presentation by the judges while the scores were tallied. The final competition was held in November of 2014 with Hamilton winning. In 2015 a mutual decision was made to discontinue the competition. The trophy will remain in Hamilton with its home club.


         Past Presidents
1964 - 1967    Harry Ballinger
1967 - 1969 Oliver Dell
1969 - 1971 Donald Beaumont
1971 - 1973 Larry Thomas
1973 - 1975 David Broadhurst
1975 - 1977 Thomas Yates
1977 - 1979 Jack Murray
1979 - 1981 David Barr
1981 - 1983 Vince Sheridan
1983 - 1985 Raf Ollivierre
1985 - 1987 Robert Ward
1987 - 1989 Leslie Fernandes
1989 - 1991 Claudio Bacinello
1991 - 1993 Sandor Mathé
1993 - 1995 Walter Dorlandt
1995 - 1997 Gordon Broadhead
1997 - 1999 Peter Neely
1999 - 2001 Astrid Fernandes
2001 - 2003 Bel Remedios
2003 - 2005 Wendy Sprung
2005 - 2007 Sheila Bayne
2007 - 2008 Andy Lamm
2008 - 2010 Ellen Simmons
2010 - 2012 Martha Rosenberg
2012 - 2013 Cynthia Smith
2013 - 2015 Eric Thompson
2015 - 2017 Andrea Gimblett
2017 - 2019 Catherine AuYeung

The First DMCC Website

The club's original website was designed by Past President and our first Webmaster, Raf Ollivierre. Raf received an Honourable Mention in the 2001 Photographic Society of America's Website Contest for Camera Clubs. Of 59 PSA chapters, with entries from all over the world, the Don Mills Camera Club was judged one of the six best websites.
DMCC's official logo was also designed by Raf.
Several years ago, the club held a competition for a new logo and Raf's design won.

Second DMCC Website

The second website, designed in 2009 by Martha Rosenberg, still provides much of the underlying structure.
Martha was club President and Webmaster, at the time of her sudden passing in Feb 2012. She had a great love for photography and was a very active, hardworking member throughout her membership in the Club.

Our Current Website

Current Webmaster and Past President, Eric Thompson, has been responsible for the website since 2012, adding new features and sections to provide information, resources and services to DMCC members, with the assistance of Mark Benton former V.P. Competition.
The site also showcases our club and the work of our members for the photographic and larger community, and is a key element in attracting new members.

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